A Breakdown Of P.T.S.D

P.T.S.D, or in other words post-traumatic-stress-disorder is a psychiatric disorder, which is caused by undergoing or witnessing a traumatic or distressing experience in one’s life. A person who suffers from this disorder may experience various episodes during every day life, which is caused by them reliving the distressing experience, again and again. While the reason for a person to suffer from PTSD can differ, the most common reasons are- being subjected to a crime, unexpected death of one of your dear one, war, rape, physical abuse, facing a natural disasters, and being involved in an accident. Whatever the reason may be it is always necessary for a person suffering from PTSD to get professional help through anxiety counselling.

While it is possible to recover from small panic attacks, with the help of your friends and family, if you are having severe episodes, you may need to get the appropriate treatment through anxiety counselling. However before you opt for professional help, you can determine if you do suffer from PTSD by checking whether you suffer from the usual symptoms. Getting recurring flash backs from the traumatic incident, inability to remember large chunks of what happened, nightmares, feelings of detachment, lack of interest in daily life, insomnia, angry outbursts, being easily startled, and physical reactions such as rapid heartbeat and nausea, at the reminder of the event, are some of the commonly seen symptoms of PTSD patients. If you suffer from some of these symptoms then it is definitely time for you to get help, for more info about anxiety counselling, visit http://www.cwcqld.com/.

Apart from receiving professional help, one can also make small changes in their lifestyle, to help with the healing process. If you have been avoiding going in a vehicle after being subjected to a car accident, then you may take small steps to recovery, by walking in areas with a lot of cars, and traffic. You can also master some breathing techniques that will help you out when you experience a panic attack. Engaging in some sort of physical activity is also a good way of avoiding any horrible flashbacks. By focusing all your energy and your thoughts on some physical exercise, you can trick your mind into forgetting your traumatic experience momentarily. You can also concentrate on any daily physical activity you do, such as walking or climbing stairs, as well as concentrate on your surroundings, in order to keep your mind free from stressful thoughts. Letting your friends and family know about what you’re going through, will also be very helpful, since they can help you keep your mind occupied, when you’re starting to feel anxious. As well as be there to lend an ear, when you feel like talking about it.